Before there was the European Union there was the Soviet Union, located to the east of the present day EU. Now over 20 years since the “end of the Cold War” and the purported collapse of communism and the Soviet Union, the USSR of old seeks to come back in the form a “Eurasian Economic Union.”

JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update for June 2 - 8, 2014.

Vice President Joe Biden, addressing the Air Force Academy’s graduating class on May 28 in Colorado Springs, said he believes that the class “has an incredible window of opportunity to lead in shaping a new world order for the 21st century."

In elections to the European “Parliament,” political parties opposed to the ongoing EU takeover made massive gains.

European Union bosses have decreed that all new cars in the EU have mandatory GPS tracking devices, which analysts say will be used to spy on citizens.

Celebrities are protesting the participation of Brunei in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Americans should ask their congressmen to reject the TPP & TTIP "free trade" partnerships.

Much has been written about the ongoing efforts by globalists and the international establishment to centralize political and economic power.

President Obama left Tuesday on a weeklong trip to Asia to try to jumpstart a stalled multi-national trade agreement that is a critical component of the president's promise to “pivot” American economic attention toward that continent.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) falls short on constitutional, sovereignty issues.

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