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Talking Points - June 2010

Talking Points – June 2010

John F. McManus, President

1. Any discussion about Arizona’s immigration law (Senate Bill 1070) must begin with awareness of the federal government’s deficiencies. The U.S. Constitution clearly assigns the federal government the responsibility to protect the states “against invasion.” If that duty were being faithfully carried out, there would be no need for the recently enacted Arizona law.

Arizona is one of the states hardest hit by illegal immigration. A large percentage of its crime wave, welfare and medical costs, narcotics problems, new education expenses, etc, is traceable to the border crossers. What is Arizona supposed to do — just sit back and allow all of this to occur, even get worse?

States that take action to deal with this enormous problem should be applauded, not criticized. Opponents of Arizona’s action insist that the state of Arizona has gone too far. Why don’t they aim their barbs at the federal government for not going far enough?

2. Siding with those who are protesting Arizona’s new law, the Phoenix Suns professional basketball team donned shirts bearing the slogan “Los Suns” during a recent game. At the very next game, two fans showed up in prominent seats wearing orange T-shirts proclaiming “Viva 1070” (the number of the new immigration law). Security personnel harassed them but they held their ground and were later awarded four tickets for each of the next 10 games by the team’s president. It will come as no surprise to know that veteran JBS member Jim Clark was one of the two. He said he will continue to wear the shirt and might print up more to sell to the many fellow citizens who agree with Arizona’s new law.

3. President Obama has stated that the frustration forcing Arizona to enact its law demonstrates the need for the federal government to produce its own comprehensive immigration reform. He didn’t bare the fact that the word “comprehensive” has always meant amnesty for the millions who are in our country illegally. “I’ve made calls to Republicans. I think I can get a majority of Democrats, but I need some help from Republicans [to pass an immigration bill].” He did concede that Congress might not be willing to address this issue during an election year. Effort is needed to assure that Congress does not enact another amnesty measure.


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