Wyoming Candidate for Governor Runs on Nullification Platform

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Wyoming Candidate for Governor Runs on Nullification Platform

Dr. Taylor Haynes is running for governor of Wyoming, promising to push back against federal overreach.

There are three Republicans running for governor of Wyoming, only one of whom is campaigning on a commitment to nullify all unconstitutional acts of the federal government.

Dr. Taylor Haynes is a rancher from rural Cheyenne who says God insisted that he run for governor. Haynes, a former University of Wyoming trustee and a retired urologist, says he was reluctant to heed that divine call, but he has no hesitation calling Barack Obama a “puppet and an idiot.”

This isn’t Haynes’ first rodeo. He ran for governor in 2010 as an independent write-in candidate and garnered over seven percent of the vote.

“For a write-in candidate, that 7 and a half percent is more than anyone has ever done,” Haynes said in an interview with local media. “And I did it in a three-month period. That’s a pretty good showing.”

In what amounts to nothing more than ironic racism from the self-proclaimed Progressive media, most articles reporting on Haynes’ candidacy include within the first paragraph the fact that he is African-American. This is a clever and condescending way of ignoring the constitutionally sound and “controversial” issues that make up Dr. Haynes’ platform.

Haynes’ understanding of the proper relationship of the state governments to the federal authority as set out in the Constitution is on display in the home page of his campaign website:

The recent disregard for the Wyoming voters shown by our Legislature and Governor cannot be ignored. The unwanted, unneeded interference of the Federal Government in education, in the management and production of our natural resources, and in the general affairs of Wyoming must be diminished.

Washington must not be allowed to “dictate” to Wyoming how we manage our transportation systems or how we provide health care.

Under the “On the Issues” tab, Haynes states that with regard to states’ rights, he will “stand up to the intrusive federal government on state's rights issues, whether it is some egregious EPA decision, our second amendment rights, mineral wealth or Obamacare.”

That’s brave and inspiring talk from someone running for state governor. Too often, state governors, even those who sail under the colors of constitutionalist, forget their fidelity to that document when it comes time to jockey for preferred position at the federal feeding trough.

Speaking specifically of the Second Amendment, Haynes’ issue statement couldn’t be shorter or sweeter (to the ears of gun owners): “... the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

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Photo: Dr. Taylor Haynes

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