Bombs Rock Cairo on Eve of Revolution Anniversary

By:  Warren Mass
Bombs Rock Cairo on Eve of Revolution Anniversary

On Friday morning, as Egypt approached the January 25 anniversary of the 2011 revolution that overthrew longtime President Hosni Mubarak, multiple bombings in Cairo killed six people and injured dozens of others.

The first blast occurred when an explosive-laden pickup truck was detonated near Cairo’s police headquarters, killing four people and injuring 51. The explosion occurred on Cairo’s Port Said Street off Bab el-Khalq Square and damaged the nearby Museum of Islamic Art, which had recently been renovated.

“Casualties were relatively small given the size of the blast,” said Interior Ministry spokesman Hany Abdel Latif.

A second explosion destroyed a police car near the Behooth subway station in Cairo’s Dokki district. The Associated Press reported that one person was killed and eight wounded in that attack.

A third blast took place close to a police station in Talbia, about two miles from the famous Giza pyramids, but no one was injured. 

Russia’s RT news reported that a fourth blast was reported on Friday evening near a Cairo movie theater, killing one person and bringing the total number of dead to six.

“We don’t know who is behind these bombings, but it seems likely that they are part of a pattern of bombings carried out by jihadist militants with links to the war, which is raging in the Sinai. And the message to the Egyptian government is: ‘We do not accept your constitution, we do not accept your government, we see them as traitors and we want to bring the whole house crashing down,’” Cairo-based journalist Hugh Miles told RT.

The Russian news network reported that Friday’s attacks came “less than a week after Egyptians approved a new constitution, despite a vote boycott by Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood, which was outlawed after the coup.”

A spokesman for interim President Adly Mansour condemned the violence. He said “such terrorist operations that seek to break the will of Egyptians” will only unify them.

Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi issued a statement condemning the bomb attacks, saying they were an attempt by “terrorist forces” to derail the government’s political road map, which is meant to lead to free and fair elections.

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Photo of people standing among debris from the bombing near the police headquarters in Cairo: AP Images

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