Chaos Reigns After Obama Gave Libya to Jihadists; Syria May Be Next

By:  Alex Newman
Chaos Reigns After Obama Gave Libya to Jihadists; Syria May Be Next

As the Obama administration ignores arms-control rules to supply the jihadist rebels in the war against the Assad regime, Libya remains in turmoil after it was handed over to the jihadists.

As the Obama administration brazenly waives federal arms-control rules to supply jihadist Syrian rebels in the establishment-backed war against the Assad regime, Libya remains in turmoil after it was handed over to Islamists and self-styled al-Qaeda leaders by NATO forces, especially those of the U.S. government. Indeed, a U.S. ambassador and other Americans are dead, sensitive American military equipment was recently stolen, multiple tribal conflicts are raging, arms from the war are boosting Islamists across the region, oil production has all but come to a halt, and chaos still reigns alongside sharia law in Libya under the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated central government.

Now, it appears to analysts as though the disaster afflicting Libya — brought about in large part by the Obama administration and its allies in Europe and among Islamic autocracies — may be on the verge of being replicated in Syria. Of course, the countries and the wars are different in some respects, but the parallels between what is going on in Syria and what happened in Libya are undeniable. And those links are raising alarm bells — especially considering the sizeable Syrian Christian population and the current state of affairs in Libya, which continues to deteriorate. 

In Libya, as The New American documented extensively, the Obama administration decided to openly side with leaders of al-Qaeda and other jihadist groups — many of which boasted publicly during the conflict that they had recently been fighting against American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dictator Moammar Gadhafi, who served as a key U.S. government ally in its terror war until falling out of favor, was eventually brutalized and summarily executed after his regime was pounded into the ground by Obama-backed jihadist rebels and overwhelming American air power.  

The U.S. military has not yet openly intervened in the Syrian conflict other than sending weapons and supplies to rebel forces, though the war drums are still beating and Obama is threatening to start attacking regardless of what Congress decides. Meanwhile, as in Libya, rebel forces — virtually all of them waging some sort of “holy war” either under the Muslim Brotherhood and the Free Syrian Army it dominates, or al-Qaeda and its various affiliates in the region — have been receiving massive support from the Obama administration from the start.

Indeed, even before open conflict broke out, State Department cables released by WikiLeaks showed that the Syrian opposition was already receiving U.S. tax dollars to bring about “regime change” going back to at least 2005. More recently, American weapons, supplies, and training have been flowing to assorted rebel factions, too. U.S. forces and military assets are positioned all around Syria’s borders. And like Gadhafi, Assad was also working with the U.S. government in the terror war before being targeted for “regime change.”   

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