Obama Considers Killing American with Drone

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Obama Considers Killing American with Drone

President Obama and his national security advisers are weighing the legal issues associated with sending a drone to Pakistan to assassinate an American allegedly working with al-Qaeda.

As reported by multiple media organizations, the Obama administration has intelligence that an unidentified American has, according to unnamed government officials, “helped Al Qaeda militants plan attacks against U.S. troops in neighboring Afghanistan and is actively plotting future attacks.”

Although adding names to and then erasing them from a kill list is reportedly a weekly event at the White House, the press is reporting that this time the president is hesitating because of standards he laid out last May in a speech at the National Defense University.

As The New American reported at the time, the president’s guidelines for going forward with the drone war included an effort to only murder those individuals who posed “a continuing, imminent threat to U.S. persons.”

The president also reiterated his commitment to protecting the due process rights of any American who was nominated for assassination.

A curious element to the story was revealed in an Associated Press (AP) report. Citing the AP story, the L.A. Times reported “the suspect was well guarded and in a remote location, so any raid by U.S. troops to capture him would be risky and possibly even more politically sensitive than launching an airstrike or drone attack.”

Could any suspect have been more well-guarded and represented a riskier capture target than former al-Qaeda mastermind and public enemy number one Osama bin Laden?

Osama bin Laden was reportedly tracked and overtaken by a U.S. special operations team. Why could other less high-value targets not be similarly found by the military? Although bin Laden was reportedly killed in the raid, there is every reason to believe that a team skilled in this type of operation could have captured him alive if those had been the orders they were following.

Once in the custody of the United States, this American with alleged al-Qaeda association could be brought to stand trial for the crimes he’s accused of committing. This would preserve, protect, and defend the constitutional concept of due process, one of the pillars of liberty upon which our Republic is built.

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Photo of MQ-9 Reaper drone: AP Images

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