Ohio National Guard Drill Cast Gun-rights Activists as Terrorists

By:  Alex Newman
Ohio National Guard Drill Cast Gun-rights Activists as Terrorists

The Ohio National Guard is under heavy fire after newly released documents offered more insight into a controversial training exercise conducted last year that featured gun-rights activists as supposed terrorists. 

Despite the public outrage, officials behind the drill scenario, which imagined “anti-government” Second Amendment supporters as murderous terrorists using weapons of mass destruction at a school, have not apologized.

The dubious exercise was especially troubling to analysts in light of recent campaigns by the Obama administration and its allies to demonize gun owners while relentlessly assaulting the right to keep and bear arms. As The New American and other publications have been reporting, efforts to infringe on the God-given rights enshrined in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution have largely backfired so far. However, that has not deterred anti-gun rights extremists.

A rough outline of the Army National Guard drill first made headlines early last year, when the scheme was reported by local media outlets in and around Portsmouth, Ohio, in Scioto County. The latest uproar surrounding the scandal came after Media Trackers, a watchdog organization, published documents about the training obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests. From there, the details set off a tsunami of stories in the alternative press, culminating in some coverage by the establishment media.

The training scenario, which involved the Ohio National Guard 52nd Civil Support Team in coordination with local authorities, imagined employees from the school district manufacturing chemical and biological weapons to deploy against the community. In the drill, the two imaginary terrorists, who are supposed to be workers at the Portsmouth Junior High School, use ricin and mustard gas to poison school lunches and murder children.

The aim of the hypothetical domestic terrorists, according to the internal documents, was to advance their beliefs on “protecting Gun Rights and Second Amendment rights.” However, the imaginary murder of children to advance gun-rights — an absurd scenario unless it was a false-flag attack or the work of an evil imbecile — was carried out under supposed orders from late National Socialist (Nazi) leader William Pierce, documents show. The attackers were also identified as harboring “anti-government” opinions.

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