50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination Spawns Attacks on Dallas “Right-wingers”

By:  Warren Mass
50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination Spawns Attacks on Dallas “Right-wingers”

The events leading up to the assassination of John F. Kennedy are being “spun” by liberal writers to suggest that The John Birch Society, in effect, caused the killing.

As the nation pauses to reflect on the tragic assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, the respectful and civil recollection of this horrific act is already being marred by those who seek to politicize Kennedy’s killing to serve their own agenda.

With the passage of 50 years’ time, it becomes more and more doubtful that we will ever learn the entire truth behind the assassination. However, since some members of the media have already started to rearrange the events of 50 years ago to divert blame from a self-described Marxist — Lee Harvey Oswald — onto those they like to label as (variously) “ultra-conservative,” “archconservative,” or simply “right-wing,” a sane and sober look at these claims is definitely called for.

Crowing Claimant

Leading the charge against the “ultra-conservatives” is Scott K. Parks, who penned an article for the Dallas News for October 12 headlined: “Extremists in Dallas created volatile atmosphere before JFK’s 1963 visit.” Parks lamented that following November 22, 1963, “Dallas became known to the world as the city of hate, the city that killed Kennedy.”

Parks proceeded to assign blame for exactly who was responsible for manufacturing this “hateful” atmosphere in Dallas, and — lest anyone miss his point — his explanation falls under a subheading, “John Birch Society HQ.”

Moving on to name names, Parks named Texas oilmen H.L. Hunt and Clint Murchison and General Edwin Walker as among the powerful and influential Dallasites who disliked John Kennedy’s policies and — by a very long stretch of logic — shared in the blame for Kennedy’s murder. Walker comes under special scrutiny in the hit piece because of his membership in The John Birch Society. Oddly, though Parks noted that Lee Harvey Oswald attempted to kill Walker on April 10, 1963, and also that Oswald’s widow, Marina, said Oswald had once told her that Walker was a leader of a “fascist organization” (typical communist labeling for anti-communists), he fails to see the incongruity between his assertions that “right-wingers” contributed to Kennedy’s assassination and the fact that an admitted Marxist shot the president. He either experiences or feigns puzzlement by writing: “[Marina Oswald] could offer no logical explanation for why Lee Oswald, an avowed leftist, would target the right-wing extremist Walker and the president, who was despised by so many on the far right.”

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— Photo of President Kennedy's casket in the Rotunda on Capitol Hill: AP Images

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