"Anti-violence" Piers Morgan's Sole Defender: Violent Alec Baldwin

By:  William F. Jasper
"Anti-violence" Piers Morgan's Sole Defender: Violent Alec Baldwin

Piers Morgan hosts Southern Poverty Law Center's Mark Potok without mention of SPLC's role in homosexual terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins' attempted mass murder attack on a pro-family group.

As we reported recently, if CNN’s decision to cancel Piers Morgan Live caused any tearful farewells, they appear to have been made only of tears of joy. Even though British tabloider Piers Morgan was clearly on the Left end of the political spectrum on all issues — abortion, homosexual “rights,” LGBT issues, ObamaCare, “hate crimes,” and, especially, gun confiscation — it was difficult to find any “progressives” shedding tears of sorrow over his departure. They seem to be universally relieved that he will not be tainting their causes from his former CNN platform.

The only defender of the besieged Morgan to be found is pal Alec Baldwin, who tweeted, “I want to say to @piersmorgan, I hope you are back on the air very soon, wherever that may be." Piers responded: "Thanks Alec, ditto." Baldwin, who is having his own troubles with media relations and anger management, recently penned a seven-page rant in New York Magazine and hinted that he may soon be departing New York City to take up residence again in Los Angeles. 

The Baldwin-Morgan tweets are especially telling, since Morgan makes a point of accusing his opponents of hatred, bigotry, racism, intolerance, lack of compassion, and tendencies toward violence. His pal Baldwin is infamous for making hateful statements and for violently attacking photographers. In one of his most notorious rants, on Late Night With Conan O’Brian, Baldwin leapt from his chair and unloosed a vicious tirade that advocated (how seriously is open to question) stoning to death not only Republican Congressman Henry Hyde, but also his wife and children — his whole family. Baldwin was responding to Rep. Hyde’s role in the impeachment of one of Baldwin’s political idols, Bill Clinton. Here’s the transcript

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Photo of Piers Morgan and Alec Baldwin: AP Images

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