Citizens Sign Petition Advocating Nazi, Orwellian Police State

By:  Selwyn Duke
Citizens Sign Petition Advocating Nazi, Orwellian Police State

If an informed electorate is necessary for a free and healthy republic, the fact that some Americans don't associate terms such as "Orwellian" and "police state" with tyranny could be a problem.

Perhaps man-on-the-street interviews ought to be renamed “Man, beware the street!” interviews if what some Americans know — or don’t know — is any indication. Mark Dice (shown in photo), who has achieved minor fame for illustrating how some Americans are unaware Barack Obama is a Democrat and asking questions such as “Did you hear we nuked China last week?” (his respondents didn’t dispute the claim, and one thought it was a good idea), now has posted a YouTube video in which citizens were willing to sign a petition in support of an “Orwellian,” “Nazi-style police state.”   

Framing the matter as one of budget cuts that threaten the “police state,” Dice said to one willing signer, “We’re petitioning to just keep the police state and implement some more Orwellian measures to keep the community safe — and signature, too [he requested of the individual], for the Nazi-style police state.”

The man didn’t balk.

To another he explained, “This is to support the Orwellian police state; we just want to model it after Nazi Germany.”

There was no double take.

The only person who seemed to take issue with the idea replied, “You find the pot of money, though.” Despite his budgetary concerns, the man still signed the petition.

In fairness, we never know with such videos how many people had to be approached to find the number of (very) low-information voters presented. Moreover, Dice made his comments while the respondents were in the process of signing, and it seemed they weren’t fully processing what he was saying. Dice also doesn’t show what he said to induce these people into participating in the first place. Paul Joseph Watson at writes that the signing took place after the respondents illustrated “their enthusiasm for repealing the Bill of Rights.” But this isn’t shown in the video, so I can’t confirm it.

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