Communist Chinese Regime Steps up War on Churches

By:  Alex Newman
Communist Chinese Regime Steps up War on Churches

The communist regime ruling over mainland China is stepping up its war against Christians, their churches, and, especially, the cross. 

In recent weeks, dozens of houses of worship in the province of Zhejiang have received official notices that crosses must come down. Despite resistance by local persecuted Christians, some churches have been entirely demolished as the regime furiously cracks down on what it calls “illegal” religious activities. Hundreds of church buildings have been torn down this year across China, as leaders are arrested. And human rights organizations fear the worst is yet to come.  

Of course, the ruthless regime in Beijing and its lower-level minions around China have come up with lots of implausible excuses for terrorizing Christians and attacking their places of worship. The growing wave of demolitions and cross removals in Zhejiang, for example, is being attributed by Communist Party officials to “permitting” and “safety” concerns. As part of a three-year plan to eradicate “illegal” structures in the province, the “Three Rectifications and One Demolition” has already targeted at least 64 churches for persecution, according to sources on the ground cited by human-rights groups focused on China.

Perhaps the most shocking example came in late April. Communist authorities demanded the destruction of the beautiful Sanjiang Church, which was officially sanctioned, as opposed to the “illegal” house churches spreading like wildfire across China in the face of barbaric state terror. In response, over 1,000 faithful assembled at the church to protect it from government demolition squads. The local branch of the regime responded with over 100 heavily armed SWAT officers and paramilitary units before sending in machinery to raze the $5 million church to the ground on April 28.

At least six other church buildings in the province have been totally or partially destroyed by officials since then, sources report. Many more have had their symbols removed as part of what analysts are calling a campaign to “de-Christianize” the skyline. “The cross was secretly taken down between 3am and 6am,” explained Zheng Legou, a leader with the Guantou church in Wenzhou. “The worshippers were threatened that if they resisted, their church would be demolished just like Sanjiang.”

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