“Duck Dynasty” Patriarch Sounds Off Against Abortion Culture

By:  Dave Bohon
“Duck Dynasty” Patriarch Sounds Off Against Abortion Culture

The patriarch and star of the hit reality show "Duck Dynasty" is both Christian and pro-life — as demonstrated in a recent video in which he sounds off against America's abortion culture.

It's little secret that Phil Robertson (far left in photo), patriarch of the popular reality show Duck Dynasty on the A&E cable network, is an outspoken Christian with decidedly conservative ideals. So it came as no surprise when a video surfaced recently of Robertson speaking out on behalf of the unborn and against abortion in America.

During a talk he gave in 2010 at a wild game feed sponsored by the Berean Bible Church in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Robertson held a Bible over his head while declaring to the audience: “You have a God-given right to live inside your mother. To debate whether it’s right or wrong to rip you out of your mother’s womb? What in the world has happened to us?”

Recalling America's founding principle, that rights come from God rather than government, Robertson gave the crowd of hunters and outdoorsmen a history lesson, recalling that “President Number Three” — Thomas Jefferson — “said we hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.... [We’ve] been endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.”

He added that “these are God-given rights ... that no one can take away from you,” noting that one of those rights is to life. “I’ll tell you, it doesn’t take 150 years — we start ripping babies out of wombs. They should have listened to Thomas Jefferson. [He] had it right. You have a God-given right to live, for crying out loud!”

Robertson expressed the horror that in America pockets of people and groups are debating about whether “some woman has the right to tear [a baby] out a piece at a time! Come on! What in the world happened to us? I'll tell you what happened to us. We need more George Washingtons. We need more Andrew Jacksons. We need more Thomas Jeffersons, [who will stand for the] God-given right to live, to be free, and to pursue happiness.”

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