Establishment Control of GOP Challenged at RNC Summer Meeting

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Establishment Control of GOP Challenged at RNC Summer Meeting

A couple of proposed rules changes are being considered by a newly appointed committee at the Republican National Committee's summer meetings in Boston.

The battle lines in the war over the future direction of the Republican Party are being drawn and the fighting will likely be fierce.

Yesterday (Wednesday, August 15) the Republican National Committee kicked off its summer meeting at the Westin Waterfront Hotel in Boston and many party faithful are attempting to roll back rule changes effected by attorney and GOP power broker, Ben Ginsberg.

Ginsberg has the reputation of being a “brusque, hard-driving lawyer” with as many detractors as admirers in the Republican Party.

A report in the Washington Times reminds readers of some of Ginsberg’s GOP bona fides:

He helped lead George W. Bush’s legal team that won the Florida recount battle in 2000, defended the Swift Boat veterans whose 2004 ads attacked John F. Kerry’s Vietnam War record and was among the first to predict that the Supreme Court’s landmark Citizens United ruling would create a campaign finance free-for-all.

Even President Obama grudgingly turned to Mr. Ginsberg this year to serve as co-chairman of a bipartisan effort to protect voting rights — to the alarm of some liberals.

Constitutionalists — particularly those who supported former Congressman Ron Paul in the 2012 presidential campaign — remember Ginsberg for something much more notorious, however.

In 2012, as the Republican National Committee Convention Rules Committee met in Tampa for the party’s quadrennial convention, Ginsberg, at the time Mitt Romney's campaign lawyer, showed up and pressured members to accept radical changes to the party’s rules governing the binding of delegates and the way rules are to be revised in the future.

According to one of the rules as revised by Ginsberg, every state must amend its nominating process to ensure that their delegations are bound to vote in accordance with the winner of the popular vote as cast at state caucuses or primaries.

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