Gay Activists Set Sights on Nationwide Legalization of Same-sex Marriage

By:  Dave Bohon
Gay Activists Set Sights on Nationwide Legalization of Same-sex Marriage

With two self-proclaimed Supreme Court victories under their belt, same-sex marriage proponents are preparing to make a push to force the effective legalization of gay marriage in all 50 states.

In light of the two Supreme Court rulings they view as precedents, homosexual activists are preparing to push for more same-sex marriage victories nationwide. The Hill reported that gay rights lobbyists plan to use the High Court's ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) to fight for legislation making homosexual partners eligible for federal tax and employment benefits in all fifty states — not just in the handful that have legalized same-sex partnerships as equal to traditional marriage.

The June 26 Supreme Court DOMA ruling struck down a key provision of the law barring “married” same-sex couples from receiving the same federal tax, health, and retirement benefits that traditional married couples enjoy. Under the ruling, if same-sex partners are “married” in a state that recognizes same-sex partnerships as legal marriage, then the federal government will recognize that marriage on the same basis as a traditional marriage. But homosexual activists insist that having homosexual marriages recognized in some states and not others is not enough, because it is presently not clear how the High Court ruling would be viewed in the 37 states that have legally defined marriage as only between a man and a woman.

Forcing those majority states to accept homosexual couples is the next battle, said gay activists. “What the Supreme Court basically did ... was put a stake in the heart of DOMA, but it didn’t kill DOMA yet,” Jo Deutsch of the homosexual activist group Freedom to Marry told The Hill. Totally overturning all of DOMA is the goal, she said.

Fred Sainz of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), another homosexual group, said it would be inefficient to try to overturn the marriage defense amendments one by one in those states where the majority of voters believe marriage should be defined traditionally, “Eventually this will have to be settled by the Supreme Court,” he said with every confidence that the High Court would eventually rule that homosexual relationships are equal to marriage in every state.

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