Group Funding Sen. Alexander's Green Project Tied to Gay and Abortion Lobby

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Group Funding Sen. Alexander's Green Project Tied to Gay and Abortion Lobby

The group funding the ad buys in Tennessee for Senator Lamar Alexander's energy project has significant ties to the gay and abortion lobby.

A group forwarding the radical green agenda is spending thousands on ads promoting a plan by Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.; shown in photo) to encourage “the government to double its funding for energy research.”

Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions has spent over $50,000 on an ad campaign in Nashville and Memphis, the Volunteer State’s two largest cities.

A report in the Jackson Press on the media buy estimates that spending by the group on the Alexander proposal could reach “an estimated $150,000 for one week of television advertising,” if similar ads are run in smaller markets around the state.

Under the “Our Principles” tab on the group’s website, Citizens for Responsible Energy reveals their statist goals:

America can lead the world in developing comprehensive and responsible energy solutions that can reduce pollution, improve public health, secure our energy future and grow our economy. Private and public investment into new technologies can have tremendous benefit to our economy, environment, global competitiveness and ultimately, national security and independence.

As Americans we know our country works best when we work together. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions is a grassroots campaign to move legislators to a bipartisan, common sense approach to address our nation's need for reliable energy.

Many Republicans in Tennessee would likely be surprised to learn that their senior senator — a self-described “conservative” — is financed by an organization committed to using government as a tool to further its green agenda.

According to a story in, Senator Alexander believes that a “surer path” toward U.S. energy independence is “to double the $9 billion the government spends annually on non-military-related energy research and trust the marketplace to produce better results.”

Beyond this, there are other examples of Alexander’s love of growing government and pushing the eco-statist agenda. A story in The Tennessean reports that “a study by Congressional Quarterly shows that on bills on which Obama had a clearly stated position, Alexander voted with the president 62 percent of the time.”

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Photo of Sen. Lamar Alexander: Lamar Alexander

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