Lawsuit Alleges Planned Parenthood Doctor Forced, Then Botched Abortion

By:  Dave Bohon
Lawsuit Alleges Planned Parenthood Doctor Forced, Then Botched Abortion

A Colorado woman alleges that a doctor at a Planned Parenthood clinic forced her to endure an abortion without anesthesia, then left part of the baby's remains in her body.

A Colorado woman is suing the state's Planned Parenthood franchise and one of its doctors whom she alleges forced her to go through with an abortion without proper anesthesia, and then left part of the baby in her body.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the pro-life legal advocacy group that is representing 40-year-old Ayanna Byer in the case, said that once inside Planned Parenthood's abortion clinic in Colorado Springs, Byer changed her mind about having the procedure after realizing the facility was not going to provide the agreed-upon intravenous anesthesia for pain. Shockingly, the abortionist forged ahead with the procedure anyway, and two days later Byer ended up in a local emergency room, the victim of a botched abortion.

According to the lawsuit, filed in Colorado's El Paso County District Court, Byer told the doctor that she did not want to go ahead with the procedure because the clinic staff had not been able to get an anesthesia I.V. into her vein. Although the abortionist assured her that an I.V. would be administered, he then turned on the vacuum machine and proceeded with abortion, telling Byer it was too late to stop.

Byer was fully awake throughout the procedure, and “was forced to feel the full pain of the procedure against her will and without the promised anesthesia,” related the ADF in its account of the case. “The abortionist stopped after seven minutes and sent Byer home with pain pills.” Two days later when she went to the emergency room, Byer discovered that part of the baby's body had been left inside her.

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