New Campaign in China Forcing IUDs, Sterilization on Women, Report Charges

By:  Dave Bohon
New Campaign in China Forcing IUDs, Sterilization on Women, Report Charges

According to a China watchdog group, Beijing has launched a renewed "family planning" campaign in some of the country's cities, requiring women to be sterilized or fitted with IUDs.

Forced “family planning” is in full swing in China, with a recent report by the Texas-based watchdog group ChinaAid revealing that the city of Huizhou in the southern China Guangdong Province has launched a campaign aimed at reducing the number of births in the city of four and one-half million residents.

According to ChinaAid, the new initiative requires “women who already had a child to be fitted with an IUD, while those with two children had to undergo a tubal ligation [sterilization].” Women who comply “within a certain time frame would receive a financial reward,” ChinaAid reported, citing a government announcement posted throughout the city and online. “Meanwhile, those who did not comply would not be issued certificates by the family planning departments when their children are to enroll in school, social security departments will not process applications for social security services, hospitals will not issue relevant certifications, and the local government will refuse to handle all related services for them.”

According to some local residents monitoring the campaign, “Huizhou's performance record in family planning is poor (birth rate is too high and the number of abortions and sterilizations too low), hence this wave of family planning measures,” reported ChinaAid. Further, Huizhou is apparently not unique in imposing the policy. “Information from other sources indicate that similar birth control requirements are being imposed on women in other provinces as well,” reported ChinaAid. “On the government website for Fuzhou, Fujian province, a commenter suggested the same measure [was] already in place in Huizhou: that documents showing the mother's use of IUD be presented at the time of applying for household registration for a newborn.”

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Photo of an X-ray of an IUD implanted in a woman

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