North Carolina Governor Signs Voter Photo ID Law

By:  Warren Mass
North Carolina Governor Signs Voter Photo ID Law

A bill was signed into law by North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory which will require all voters in 2016 to show a valid government-issued photo ID.

North Carolina Republican Gov. Pat McCrory (shown in photo) signed a voter ID bill into law on August 12. The new law, which will go into effect for the 2016 elections, will require all voters to present a valid government-issued photo ID at the polls.

Though many major news outlets have described the new law as “controversial,” it is far from unusual. McCrory noted that most states already have voter ID laws, and he accused elements on the “extreme left” of using “scare tactics” to bolster opposition to the law.

“They’re more interested in divisive politics than ensuring that no one’s vote is disenfranchised by a fraudulent ballot,” CNN quoted McCrory as saying. He added, “Common practices like boarding an airplane and purchasing Sudafed require photo ID, and we should expect nothing less for the protection of our right to vote."

"While some will try to make this seem to be controversial, the simple reality is that requiring voters to provide a photo ID when they vote is a common sense idea,” McCrory also said, reported Fox News. “This new law brings our state in line with a healthy majority of other states throughout the country.” 

Fox News reported that the new law will allow voters to cast a provisional ballot if they come to a polling station without proper ID. It also will shorten the period for early voting by a week, reducing it to 10 days.

The new law will not, however, allow a person to register and vote on the same day.

McCrory defended the logic behind the new voter law in an interview with WUNC, North Carolina’s public television, declaring,

I frankly think our right to vote deserves similar protection that we’re giving to Sudafed. I think photo ID, which you use to board an airplane, which you use to cash a check, which you use to get Sudafed, which you use to get almost any government service, including food stamps — you have to use a picture ID to get that.

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Photo of North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory: AP Images

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