NSA Whistleblower: “Every American Is Under Surveillance”

By:  Brian Koenig
NSA Whistleblower: “Every American Is Under Surveillance”

NSA whistleblower William Binney says the FBI’s probe into General David Petraeus indicates that “every American is under surveillance.”

Following the resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus, which was reportedly prompted by an extramarital affair he had with his biographer, a formerly high-ranking member of the National Security Agency (NSA) claims the FBI’s probe into Petraeus indicates that digital privacy has become a freedom of the past.

“What I’ve been basically saying for quite some time, is that the FBI has access to the data collected, which is basically the emails of virtually everybody in the country,” NSA whistleblower William Binney affirmed in a recent interview with the Kremlin-funded news outlet Russia Today (RT). “And the FBI has access to it.”

Petraeus had allegedly used a pseudonym to create multiple e-mail accounts that he used to communicate with his mistress. One account was shared so they could communicate via messages that they left in a drafts folder, allowing them to correspond without actually sending messages. Computerworld.com poses the more damning question, “If the head of the CIA can't figure out how to keep his emails private, do the rest of us even stand a chance?”

Binney stands among a number of other former officials who have testified against the NSA, exposing a series of controversial methods that could put an end to the agency’s post-9/11 domestic surveillance campaign. Evidently, Binney resigned from the agency after observing countless acts of what he determined to be blatantly illegal methods to spy on the American people.

One effort he deemed unconstitutional was the use of a technology referred to as “Naris,” which the NSA uses to aimlessly harvest e-mails and other digital information without having to receive permission from providers. Binney testified that all congressional lawmakers are being monitored as well.

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