Over Two-thirds of GOP Supports Obama Impeachment, Poll Shows

By:  Alex Newman
Over Two-thirds of GOP Supports Obama Impeachment, Poll Shows

Despite reluctance among the establishment wing of the Republican Party to impeach Obama, the GOP grassroots is overwhelmingly in favor of impeachment, a new poll commissioned by the online Huffington Post revealed.

More than six in 10 Americans also said the president has “abused his authority.” Other polls listing specific abuses have revealed even higher levels of support for removing Obama from office. 

The most recent survey results came shortly after former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin became the latest high-profile political figure to openly promote impeaching the president, saying the abuse from the “lawless” and “imperial” administration could no longer be ignored or tolerated. The poll also comes after the South Dakota Republican Party last month became the first to adopt a resolution officially calling for impeachment

According to the latest YouGov/HuffPost poll, at 35 percent, over one-third of all American voters support impeachment. Among Republicans, 68 percent said impeaching Obama would be justified. For Democrats, though, the number is just eight percent. Independents were evenly divided, with 37 percent backing impeachment against 37 percent who did not. In a similar poll taken over a year ago, just half of GOP voters supported impeachment. However, overall, Americans opposed to impeaching Obama still have a narrow nine-percent margin.

While the growing grassroots momentum to remove the president from office shocked some administration apologists, enthusiasm for impeachment in the latest poll was much lower than the results found in other surveys. As The New American reported last year, for example, other polls uncovered about 50 percent support for impeaching Obama after asking whether particular scandals were worthy of impeachment. Other surveys found over two thirds of Americans believe the federal government is “out of control” and a threat to liberty.

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