Robert Welch Accurately Predicted Fall Off Fiscal Cliff in 1974

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Robert Welch Accurately Predicted Fall Off Fiscal Cliff in 1974

At a JBS Council Dinner in 1974, founder Robert Welch accurately predicted the U.S. approach to the fiscal cliff.

As the United States teeters drunkenly along the "fiscal cliff," shoved ever closer to the edge by inflation of fiat currency, endless entanglements in foreign conflicts, and Washington’s insatiable appetite for power, Americans are frantically searching for someone or some party to rescue them from a devastating fall.

Citizens of many states, weary of the “long train of abuses” of the federal government, have submitted secession petitions to the White House. Over the weekend, President Obama met with leaders of U.S. industry, including JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon, renowned investor Warren Buffet, and the CEO of Apple, Inc., Tim Cook. Earlier he met with political leaders of both parties reportedly to hammer out some sort of compromise duct taping together the disintegrating parts of a government grown unwieldy and untamable.

During the recent presidential campaign, Ron Paul and his legion of young, animated supporters were effectively disenfranchised by a Republican Party bent on promoting a candidate representative of the interests of the monied cabal whose largesse allows both major political parties to perpetuate their duopoly over the American political process.

Regardless of his rejection by the party whose banner he flew, in 2012 Ron Paul earned respect from many for the eerily prescient predictions he made in 2002 regarding the looming economic crisis. In the Internet era, Paul’s prophecies recorded throughout his long career of public service were disseminated virally on YouTube and mentioned daily in tweets and Facebook posts.

Ron Paul’s public stature and popularity accelerated the ascension of his reputation as a modern oracle capable of pronouncing woes and warnings of impending financial doom. But there were others equally possessed of a remarkable gift for seeing beyond their day and signaling the signs of approaching political and economic difficulty.

One of these prognosticators of political upheaval was Robert Welch, founder of The John Birch Society.

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Photo of Robert Welch: The John Birch Society

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