Supreme Court Won't Hear Case on Oklahoma Ultrasound Law

By:  Raven Clabough
Supreme Court Won't Hear Case on Oklahoma Ultrasound Law

The Supreme Court struck down an Oklahoma official's request for appeal that sought to restore Oklahoma’s ultrasound law, which would have allowed women a chance to see an ultrasound of their unborn child prior to an abortion. 

The Supreme Court has opted to let a state Supreme Court ruling on the 2011 Oklahoma ultrasound law remain in effect.

Life News reported, “The measure allowed women to see the image of the ultrasound of the unborn baby — which is something abortion clinics don’t routinely allow … though ultrasounds are normally done prior to abortions to ascertain the age of the baby before the abortion.”

As noted by Life News, the Supreme Court often rejects cases that come before the court, particularly those that have already received rulings in state Supreme Courts.  

Still, pro-life advocates in Oklahoma are unhappy.

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, the official who appealed the lower courts’ ruling, said, “The law is about presenting abortion accurately with full information about the outcome.”

A suit was filed against the law on behalf of Nova Health Systems, which operations an abortion center in Tulsa. The organization had previously filed multiple lawsuits against pro-life legislation over the years. The suit claimed that the ultrasound measure is an unconstitutional measure because it violates women’s and abortion practitioners' constitutional speech rights and “impermissibly burdens the fundamental rights of plaintiff’s patients to terminate a pregnancy and avoid unwanted speech in a private setting.”

The suit adds, “In addition, the Act exposes abortion providers to an array of intimidating civil and administrative penalties to which no other health care providers in the state are exposed.”

Supporters of the bill recognize the bill protects the pregnant mothers and provides them with the details necessary to make an informed decision. “We have an obligation to protect our citizens and make sure abortion is held to the same standard as any medically informed decision,” Pruitt states.

Mary Spaulding Balch, an attorney and the director of the Department of State Legislation at the National Right to Life Committee, observed:

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Image of an infant in the womb, captured using ultrasonography: AP Images

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