The President's Approval Ratings Continue to Drop

By:  Bob Adelmann
The President's Approval Ratings Continue to Drop

The consistency among the polls is quite remarkable: In every one, the president's approval rating is dropping, in some precipitously. It's likely to be a long, hot, and dry summer for the president. 

On Wednesday, August 7, Fox News reported that President Obama’s approval rating was “in a summer swoon,” with just 42 percent of Americans approving of his performance. This was down four percentage points from July and seven points from his 2013 high.

One week later, Gallup echoed those findings with its comprehensive rating of the president on the economy, which had dropped another seven points from the week earlier, to just 35 percent approval. When Gallup quizzed 2,059 adults on the president’s performance since the first week in June on the question of taxes, they found that he had lost five points, on the federal budget deficit he had lost five points, on terrorism he had lost three points, on foreign affairs he had lost three points, and he even slipped a little on immigration, by one point. By all measures, then, the president has not had a good summer.

Said Gallup:

Between the June and August surveys, Obama’s overall approval rating dipped three points, from 47% to 44%. This is consistent with the four-point-decline shown separately in Gallup Daily tracking....

Hence, it seems clear that Obama’s approval rating has sagged....

Until the economy makes more impressive gains ... Americans may not reward him with higher approval.

Gallup is not alone. The Ipsos poll conducted for Reuters and published on Tuesday, showed his core approval rating dropping as well. When asked, “Would you say things in this country are heading in the right direction, or are they off on the wrong track?” just one-quarter of respondents said “right direction” while nearly 60 percent said “wrong direction.” When those who identified themselves as Independents responded, just 12 percent said “right direction” while 73 percent said “wrong direction.”

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Photo of President Barack Obama: AP Images

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