Wisconsin Republicans Accused of Sabotaging Common Core Bill

By:  Alex Newman
Wisconsin Republicans Accused of Sabotaging Common Core Bill

GOP figures in Wisconsin are accused of sabotaging a bill that would have created a panel to review and potentially kill Common Core in the state.

Even though the national Republican Party has officially rejected the Obama administration-pushed Common Core nationalization of education, a handful of GOP figures in Wisconsin are being accused of sabotaging legislation that would have created a panel to review the controversial standards — and potentially kill them. As the national and statewide uprising against the dubious new federally backed education regime grows, however, lawmakers and activists in Wisconsin told The New American that the fight is far from finished.   

Due to alleged obstruction by some powerful Republican lawmakers — especially the chairs of the education committees — a bill to kill Common Core entirely never went anywhere this legislative session. Despite the Republican National Committee having unanimously adopted a resolution blasting the “one size fits all” educational scheme as “an inappropriate overreach to standardize and control the education of our children,” even compromise legislation appears to be going nowhere this session due to the efforts of a handful of Wisconsin GOP legislators.   

The SB 619 legislation to review Common Core, introduced after a public outcry over the scheme that transcends traditional political divides, would have created a panel of parents and educators to study the standards. One of the primary motivations for the review, supporters of the bill said, is to allow some public input, which critics say has been almost entirely lacking. The panel would have also been tasked with writing new standards if Common Core was found to be inappropriate, as opponents and countless experts contend.

Now, with the legislature set to go out of session in a matter of weeks, lawmakers and sources at the Capitol say even the review bill is on “life support” at best. However, virtually nobody expects the outrage surrounding the controversial national standards to fade away any time soon. In fact, if the experiences of other states that adopted Common Core offer any indication, the uproar is likely to intensify quickly in the coming months.

“Real opposition and motivation starts once the tests start,” said Jason Rostan from the office of Sen. Leah Vukmir, a leading supporter of efforts to rein in the nationalization and dumbing down of Wisconsin’s education standards. “This issue is not going away by any stretch of the imagination, but it might have to wait until the next session.”

Adopted in 2010 by Wisconsin officials with massive bribes from the Obama administration’s “stimulus,” Common Core has come under heavy fire from teachers, unions, parents, experts, activists, and more all across the political spectrum. In a series of hearings held across the state, experts, educators, and parents lambasted the national standards from all angles as government employees, some of whom were told their jobs were being “saved” by the stimulus-funded Common Core bribes, defended them.

In other states — most recently in the establishment stronghold of New York — the deafening public outcry against Common Core has forced officials to retreat, at least temporarily. One state lawmaker with an education degree even described Common Core to The New American last month as “state-sponsored child abuse.” Across the country, the uprising against the standards, widely criticized as “ObamaCore,” continues to gain momentum.

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Photo of Wisconsin State Capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin

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