At UN Summit, Poorer Regimes Demand Trillions in Climate Loot

By:  Alex Newman
At UN Summit, Poorer Regimes Demand Trillions in Climate Loot

At the UN “climate” summit in Warsaw, Poland, regimes ruling in poorer nations are demanding that taxpayers in wealthier countries hand over trillions of dollars to deal with “climate change.”

With United Nations theories about alleged man-made global warming imploding on the world stage, regimes oppressing populations in poorer nations are demanding that taxpayers in wealthier countries start promptly handing over trillions of dollars — supposedly to deal with “climate change.” Gathered in Warsaw, Poland, at the latest UN “climate” summit, and facing massive public protests against the extortion effort, governments are hoping to quickly and quietly lay the foundations for a new global treaty rationing carbon dioxide.

Multiple nations and populations are becoming increasingly suspicious as the UN’s discredited theories are ridiculed by top scientists and experts worldwide, so “climate dignitaries” know they must act fast. Indeed, if what countless scientists refer to as the global-warming “scam” crumbles entirely before 2015, the effort to foist a planetary “carbon budget” on humanity to replace the Kyoto Protocol may be doomed. The hundreds of billions spent on “climate” schemes every year would inevitably start drying up, too, bankrupting countless special interests that now depend on global-warming alarmism and hysteria.   

Already, the new Australian government has vowed to reject UN “socialism masquerading as environmentalism” as it works to dismantle wildly unpopular “carbon taxes” and “climate” machinations imposed under Labor Party rule. It also vowed not to adopt any more taxes or spend any more taxpayer funds on UN wealth-redistribution schemes orchestrated under the bogus guise of fighting discredited notions of “man-made global warming.” Of course, alarmists are throwing a temper tantrum, but around the world and among Australians, the new conservative-leaning coalition has been hailed for its bold stance against the hysteria. Analysts even say Australia is leading the way "back to sanity."

Japanese authorities, meanwhile, recently announced that instead of working to drastically cut carbon dioxide emissions, as previously promised, Japan will actually be increasing its CO2 output. As UN global-warming theories increasingly morph into a global laughing stock, even Russian and Canadian officials are reportedly putting up some tepid resistance to the UN’s grandiose “climate” plans. The climate-hysteria movement is literally in a meltdown over the growing defections, but the wheels are quickly coming off the “climate” bandwagon.

According to the almost comically alarmist U.K. Guardian, the “climate” extortion demands from third-world dictators and governments have “become the most explosive issue” at the UN global-warming summit. Apparently the negotiators have not been reading the news from the real world. The increasingly discredited British paper, which boasts of support from the controversial Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, represents among the last remaining "media" outlets still uncritically parroting the UN alarmism. Still, its “reporting” offers some insight into the ongoing climate machinations underway in Warsaw.

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Photo of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon speaking at the UN Climate Conference in Warsaw, Poland, Nov. 19: AP Images

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