Australia Rejects UN “Socialism Masquerading as Environmentalism”

By:  Alex Newman
Australia Rejects UN “Socialism Masquerading as Environmentalism”

Australia’s new government, which opposes carbon taxes and global-warming schemes, told UN alarmists: No more "socialism masquerading as environmentalism." 

The new Australian government, elected by a landslide on a platform opposing carbon taxes and “global-warming” schemes as United Nations climate theories were imploding, delivered a blunt message to UN alarmists this week: No more “socialism masquerading as environmentalism.” With the new conservative-leaning cabinet taking a stand against UN machinations and radical domestic restrictions imposed under the previous Labor Party government, Australian authorities also publicly refused to sign up for any new contributions, taxes, or charges at this week’s embattled UN global-warming summit in Poland. 

Despite the tough talk by officials and the fact that global temperatures actually stopped rising 17 years agodebunking every one of the UN’s “climate models” — Australia is still ensnared in more than a few dubious international “climate” commitments. In a move supposedly aimed at stopping “climate change,” the nation’s previous rulers agreed to force Australians to drastically reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide — a gas exhaled by all people and critical to life on Earth, which constitutes a mere fraction of one percent of all gases in the atmosphere.

According to an official document outlined in The Australian newspaper, the new government plans to remain “a good international citizen” and is still “committed to achieving a 5 percent reduction” in CO2 emissions by 2020. However, the document, reportedly produced after a cabinet meeting last week, noted that authorities will not agree to any international “climate” agreements that involve squandering more taxpayer money or levying taxes.

Australia “will not support any measures which are socialism masquerading as environmentalism,” the document also states. The new government, led by conservative-leaning Prime Minister Tony Abbott (shown in photo), also explicitly declared that it would not make any payments or accept any liabilities as part of any potential new UN global warming agreement. That means Australia will refuse to play “any role in a wealth transfer from rich countries to developing nations to pay them to decrease their carbon emissions,” the paper reported.

With rulers of poor countries demanding $100 billion per year from taxpayers in wealthier nations to deal with alleged man-made “climate change” this week in Warsaw, the Australian decision represents a potentially major blow to the UN-led extortion effort. The new leadership also refused to send senior Australian officials — Environment Minister Greg Hunt and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop — to the ongoing UN summit. Predictably, climate alarmists and wealth redistributionists were up in arms. Analysts and commentators in Australia and other Western nations, however, celebrated the move.

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Photo of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott: AP Images

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