Decorated Army Vet Disarmed and Arrested for “Rudely Displaying” Firearm

By:  Dave Bohon
Decorated Army Vet Disarmed and Arrested for “Rudely Displaying” Firearm

A prominent military blogger and self-described constitutionalist is the focus of the latest outlandish efforts by local law-enforcement agencies to impose their own brand of gun control on citizenry.

On March 16 Army Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham, an 18-year veteran who has been decorated for valor in Iraq and Afghanistan, was on a 10-mile hike with his 15-year-old son Chris near their rural Bell County home near Temple, Texas. The area is known for cougars and wild boars, and Grisham was duly armed with an AR-15, as well as a .45-caliber handgun. Grisham has a conceal-carry permit for the handgun, and was legally carrying the rifle strapped on his pack.

But about two miles from their house, the father and son were approached by a local Temple police officer, who stepped out of his cruiser and confronted Grisham, demanding to know what they were doing. Grisham explained that they were hiking for a Boy Scout merit badge his son was earning. “He then asked me what I'm doing with the rifle,” recalled Grisham, “to which I responded in a calm manner, 'Does it matter, officer? Am I breaking the law?'”

At that point, without warning the policeman, later identified as Officer Steve Ermis, quickly reached out and grabbed Grisham's rifle, prompting Grisham to pull back and ask him what he thought he was doing. The officer “then pulled his service pistol on me and told me to take my hands off the weapon and move to his car, which I complied with,” recalled Grisham. “He then slammed me into the hood of his car” — at which point Grisham recalled that he had his camera with him. Grisham quickly handed the camera to his son, who, though understandably shaken by what was occurring, proceeded to videotape the entire incident (available in its entirety at the link below).

Up to this point, Grisham had not been informed why he was being stopped, why he was being disarmed, or if he was under arrest. It was soon made clear that Grisham was being arrested, although the veteran said the officers never indicated why.

Click here to read the entire article and see video of the incident.

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