Despite the Communist Cuban dictatorship’s more than five decades of brutality, oppression, and mass-murder, globalists and even Western Big Business interests are now involved in an orchestrated campaign to legitimize the Stalinist regime in Havana.
A trio of Republican senators sent a letter to the EPA administrator asking her to withdraw the new wage garnishment rule.
Voters in Arizona will soon be able to manifest the extent of federal overreach they are willing to withstand.
On July 8, President Obama sent a letter to Speaker of the House John Boehner requesting emergency supplemental appropriations in the amount of $3.7 billion to “comprehensively address” the “urgent humanitarian situation” on “on both sides of the Southwest border.”
After initially turning down the White House’s invitation to meet President Obama upon his arrival at the state capital of Austin, Texas Governor Rick Perry met with Obama on July 9 in Dallas.
The National Organization for Women has put The Little Sisters of the Poor on a list of "Dirty 100" organizations waging legal battles against the federal mandate for contraceptive coverage in health insurance provided by employers. 
Ray Nagin's corruption charges set no record. Compared to his competition, his misdeeds are modest.
The military is turning social media into a laboratory for its thought and emotion control experiments — experiments forcibly funded by the American taxpayer.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding the development of a remote control contraceptive microchip.
As the number of Americans with concealed carry permits has increased, a new study reveals that during the same time period, the percentage of violent crimes has decreased.
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