UN Academic Impact Joins CFR to Infiltrate U.S. Classrooms

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
UN Academic Impact Joins CFR to Infiltrate U.S. Classrooms

The United Nations and the CFR are joining forces to train American youth to be good "global citizens."

The United Nations is proud of the impact it is having on all levels of public and private education in the United States. On November 22, the UN News Centre [sic] issued the following announcement:

Created three years ago to actively support universally accepted principles in human rights, literacy, sustainability and conflict resolution, the United Nations initiative working with higher education institutions has marked its third anniversary by spotlighting efforts of students in the New York tri-state area making a difference locally and internationally.

According to the press release promoting its achievements, the UN’s influence extends from high school to higher education, providing curriculum “to make students representing religious minorities feel more comfortable and connected with peers, to balance of power and gender equality.”

The project is known as the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI).

What is the ultimate goal of the globalists’ infiltration of the American classroom? The UN describes this initiative’s agenda to be the aligning of “institutions of higher education with the UN to actively support universally accepted principles in human rights, literacy, sustainability and conflict resolution, among others.”

Put another way — and judging from the list of speakers who addressed a recent conference hosted by the UNAI in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations — the goal of the “global classroom” is the spreading of the UN doctrines of population control, Agenda 21 sustainability, and the abandonment of traditional religious morals. The November 1 event began a series of quarterly “talks” known as CFR@UNAI where CFR and UN dignitaries will address students, teachers, and others on topics of “current interest.” The first of these educational chats dealt with global health issues. One need only imagine that, given the identity of the speakers, the subject matter would include convincing impressionable schoolchildren of the need for greater population control, sustainability, and the reduction of human destruction of the planet.

One of the most potent weapon in the UN’s war on education is a popular program known as the Global Classrooms.

In concert with its overall educational agenda, the UN Global Classrooms is being marketed as a way to inculcate students with the “valuable insight into the growing influence of globalization.”

One prong of this pernicious attack on our sovereignty is known as the Model United Nations. As many parents will know, the Model United Nations is a program created by the UN to engage “middle school and high school students in an exploration of current world issues through interactive simulations and curricular materials. Global Classrooms cultivates literacy, life skills and the attitudes necessary for active citizenship.”

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