UN Human Rights Attack on U.K. Ridiculed as “Marxist Diatribe”

By:  Alex Newman
UN Human Rights Attack on U.K. Ridiculed as “Marxist Diatribe”

The United Nations self-styled “Human Rights” apparatus is under fire yet again after one of its “experts,” a Brazilian socialist, issued a report suggesting that efforts to control ballooning welfare spending in the United Kingdom were a supposed “human rights” violation. According to the UN, authorities in the UK must build more and better taxpayer-funded housing to comply with supposed “obligations” under so-called “international law.”

Top British officials, however, were not amused, lambasting the UN accusations as a “Marxist diatribe” and “utterly ridiculous.”

The controversial report was issued by Raquel Rolnik, a former “urban planning minister” with the Marxist-oriented Workers’ Party of Brazil. According to Rolnik’s sister, speaking with the U.K. Daily Mail newspaper, the UN “expert” was a “dabbler in witchcraft” who once “offered an animal sacrifice to Karl Marx.” Under the title of UN “Special Rapporteur on adequate housing as a component of the right to an adequate standard of living and on the right to non-discrimination in this context,” Rolnik claimed the bloated UK welfare regime was not enough to satisfy the international outfit’s view of “human rights.”

The report is set to be discussed at the dictator-dominated UN “Human Rights Council” in March. Among other concerns highlighted in the document, Rolnik lamented that “the housing stock is no longer viewed as a public resource.” Pointing to a wide array of UN “international covenants” and “conventions” — including the highly controversial Convention on the Rights of the Child that the U.S. Senate has steadfastly refused to ratify — the UN “Special Rapporteur” said the British government was “required” to obey the planetary outfit’s demand for bigger and more intrusive government at all levels.

“According to the principle of progressive realization in the right to adequate housing, States are bound to provide an equal or better level of enjoyment of a particular right,” Rolnik wrote in the report. “This principle requires that States examine themselves against their own legislation and policies, including in times of austerity, and make every effort to ensure that available resources are distributed fairly.” The report was also filled with radical so-called “recommendations” purporting to order British officials to spend more taxpayer funds on UN-demanded welfare schemes.

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