UN Seeks to Prosecute Israelis for "War Crimes" in Global Court

By:  Alex Newman
UN Seeks to Prosecute Israelis for "War Crimes" in Global Court

After the United Nations was caught last month giving rockets found at UN “schools” in Gaza to the terrorist group Hamas, the UN’s top “human rights” bureaucrat accused Israel of perpetrating possible “war crimes” — for, among other actions, refusing to share with Hamas its Iron Dome defense technology that protects Israeli territory and civilians from Arab missile attacks.

The widely criticized UN official’s accusation, made in a press conference about the ongoing conflict, prompted a mixture of ridicule and outrage around the world. Now, the dictator-dominated global outfit is pushing for international prosecutions of Israeli officials, too. 

“There is a strong possibility that international law has been violated, in a manner that could amount to war crimes,” claimed UN “Human Rights” Czar Navi Pillay following an “emergency” meeting of the despot-packed UN “Human Rights Council.” Among the alleged potential war crimes cited by Pillay, a South African, were Israeli attacks on UN-run “schools,” hospitals, homes, and various UN facilities. Israeli officials counter that Hamas deliberately launches its attacks from among Arab civilians in an effort to use women and children as “human shields.” Still, estimates suggest over 1,000 Arabs have died amid Israeli military operations in Gaza, many of them civilians. 

Perhaps the wildest accusation made by the self-styled UN “human rights” boss was the attack on U.S. and Israeli authorities for refusing to share the “Iron Dome” defense technology with the “governing authority” of Gaza — also known as Hamas, the terrorist group that rules Gaza with an iron fist. “No such protection has been provided to Gazans against the shelling,” Pillay was quoted as saying in media reports. The Iron Dome system, funded in part by U.S. foreign aid, has been extraordinarily successful in protecting Israeli civilians and infrastructure from Arab rocket attacks by intercepting the projectiles in the air.

Ironically, though, the UN has been doing its part to ensure that terrorists and tyrants are well equipped with technology, too. The UN World Intellectual Property Organization, for example — funded primarily by the United States — was exposed in recent years violating sanctions and sending sensitive dual-use computer systems with potential military applications to the brutal regimes ruling over Iran and North Korea. Both of those dictatorships, of course, have provided aid and comfort to Hamas. The U.S. government has also long been close to various regimes that support Hamas, including the monarchy in Qatar. 

Pillay, whose formal title is UN “High Commissioner for Human Rights,” also accused Hamas of perpetrating potential war crimes by firing rockets indiscriminately into Israel — often from heavily populated areas. “Locating rockets within schools and hospitals, or even launching these rockets from densely populated areas, are violations of international humanitarian law,” she said. However, she added, Arab terror attacks aimed at murdering Jewish civilians do not “absolve” Israeli authorities from their own alleged violations of what the UN calls “international law.”

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Photo of Israeli soldiers firing a mortar shell into Gaza: AP Images

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