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Presidential Elections Bring Out Blatant Media Bias

Presidential elections offer a great opportunity to see media bias front and center. Today's mainstream news tends to reflect the opinion columns of old instead of "just the facts." A narrative begins as soon as you open a newspaper or click on a news headline.

Unfortunately, the media bias extends beyond politics. We offer a recent example in the coverage of the Chicago police. Unfortunately, it's the most vulnerable in Chicago who many times are the ones to get hurt. The inner city has been whipped into a frenzy that pits people against people, race against race, and citizens against authority.

It's not unlike what we see across the country, splitting Americans into population segments according to race, class, education level, religion, etc. All to get the American public into asking for solutions from government, when many times it's government or politicians that are at the core of the problem. But by all means, let's not let a crisis go to waste! Be sure to share this with all your friends and family!

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