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Created by Bliss Tew
Created on 21 April 2010

Gun control works! Ask any violent criminal. They all agree and support gun control. After all, they are CRIMINALS and will ALWAYS have guns, even if they are outlawed. C'mon - Get with the Obama program. Be a good slave and racist to boot. Vote for those who would take away your ability to defend yourself. Bear in mind that the original purpose of gun control was to protect the KKK folks from their victims. And above all, remember - Slaves don't own guns. Free men do. So be a good slave to your messiah, Obama, and give up another one of your rights. It's the 'progressive' thing to do.

(Media / Trailer for 'BLUE: the Oppressive Green Agenda')

What if the Green Movement is not saving the planet but enslaving humanity?

(Media / Excerpt from 'BLUE: The Oppressive Green Agenda')

Excerpt from DVD "Blue: The Oppressive Green Agenda."

Dr. Robert Zubrin talks about the Green Movement's true motivation: Power.

(Media / Common Core: Dangers and Threats to American Liberty and Education)

This video is a shortened version of a presentation with the same title that has been given before over 200 audiences in 26 states by Dr. Duke Pesta, English professor at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, and Academic Director, FreedomProject Education (

This video was recorded at the national Council Dinner of The John Birch Society, held in Jacksonville, Florida, May 3, 2014.

For more information about Common Core, go to FreedomProject Education's website at

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