UC Davis Pepper Spray - What Really Happened

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Created by Larry Greenley
Created on 06 December 2011
I do not expect anyone to agree with my commentary, and if you would like to watch it without my comments here is the ink http://youtu.be/yjXcaoEAkq4?hd=1 Another interesting video to watch is an interview by one of the protesters who was pepper sprayed. http://youtu.be/U8yHfLDIeBs This video shows the events leading up to the use of pepper spray by UC Davis police officers. I made this from video I and a friend I was visiting shot. This video shows in chronological order events leading up to the use of pepper spray. I created the video from about an hour of footage, and much of what I cut was when people were standing around and chanting. There were cameras everywhere (on both sides of me and behind me), so I\'m sure if you do a search you will be able to find video of the events from different angles. I encourage people to do their own research... the comments in the video are only opinions.
(Media / Delingpole Exposes the Climate Change Agenda)

At The Heartland Institute's 9th International Conference on Climate Change, James Delingpole, executive editor for the London branch of Breitbart.com, talks about the culture war that was spawned by "Green" alarmists.

He also speaks about the economic impact, desire for control, and corruption that is involved with the climate change debate.

For more information about U.K. journalist James Delingpole, go to http://www.thenewamerican.com/tech/environment/item/18915-uk-journalist-delingpole-tweaks-climatists-in-media-politics-video.

(Media / Con-Con Ploys)

The risks of holding a constitutional convention are immense! Do you trust any of today’s politicians to have a hand in rewriting the Constitution? Mr. Bradley discusses the latest ploys from conservative “allies” to bring on an Article V convention by exercising the nuclear option in Article V. (This video was recorded at the national Council Dinner of The John Birch Society, held in Jacksonville, Florida, May 3, 2014.

Scott Bradley is Founder and Chairman, The Constitution Commemoration Foundation, Inc.

To learn more and then take action, go to http://www.jbs.org/issues-pages/no-con-con

(Media / Who Owns Your Children? (The Dangers of Government as a Parent))

FreedomProject Education's Executive Director Alan Scholl discusses the change in direction, leadership, and intent of American Education. Mr. Scholl is currently accepting requests to deliver this speech live in your hometown. Email: information@fpeusa.org to inquire.

The collectivist-humanist philosophy has near-total control of federal, state, and local government schools, educators and agencies.

As a result, the traditional Judeo-Christian family-centered philosophy that built America is falling into disuse, faith and practice banned and attacked in schools, rewritten out of textbooks, and rejected and demonized by teachers, administrators, and teachers unions. How did the Bible, once the core of education in America, become "unsuitable?"

Have generations of students been "re-educated" rather than educated by the very institutions that parents have trusted to teach their children? What about massive changes like the so-called "Common Core State Standards?" Merely the latest fad, a cure, or dangerous indoctrination?

The rapid disintegration of American families and society is obvious. Many sense that we are speeding toward total government. Is this an "evolutionary trend" in education— or a sinister agenda? Watch and decide for yourself.

Learn more about FreedomProject Education by visiting www.FPEUSA.org.

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