Another Gosnell? Abortion Clinic Employees -- 'Babies born alive daily.'

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Created by Larry Greenley
Created on 15 May 2013

For background on this video, read "Another Gosnell: Report Shows Texas Abortion Doc Kills Babies Born Alive." 

Warning: This video contains material that is graphic and disturbing and it is not suited for all audiences. Discretion is strongly advised.

(Media / Oppose a Balanced Budget Amendment Article V Convention)

Scott Bradley's talk about why we should oppose an Article V convention to propose a Balanced Budget Amendment was delivered at a Council Dinner of The John Birch Society in Ohio on May 4, 2013.

Click here to purchase a DVD of Scott Bradley's presentation in the above video.

For more information about The John Birch Society's "Choose Freedom -- STOP A CON-CON" action project, go to

(Media / Article V: Reality vs. Myth)

The John Birch Society has opposed calls for a modern-day constitutional convention (con-con) for decades and seeks to work through Congress for Constitutional amendments rather than through a convention.

Many view a con-con as a quick way to pass amendments they think will stop the big-government juggernaut. Why would politicians suddenly start following an amended Constitution after ignoring and violating the current Constitution for so long?

The remedy so desperately needed to return our country to good government is to enforce the Constitution, not amend it. For more information about the dangers of calling an Article V convention, visit The John Birch Society's action project -- Choose Freedom: STOP A Con-Con.

(Media / Inhuman: America's Late-Term Abortion Industry - Carhart)

Click here to read “'Inhuman': Abortionist Leroy Carhart — Yet Another Gosnell Exposed" by Willam F. Jasper, posted on on May 17, 2013.

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