II. How Government Drives Up Healthcare Costs

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Created by Larry Greenley
Created on 05 May 2014

Part II. Bill Jasper speaks with Dr. Keith Smith about how government intervention and subsidies end up driving up the cost of healthcare & crippling the industry.

Click here to view Part III. The Future of Healthcare.

(Media / Okla. Labor Commissioner Takes On EPA, Federal/State Bureaucracy)

Commissioner Mark Costello tells Senior Editor Bill Jasper how the "overwhelming burden" of federal regulations, especially from the EPA is strangling the economy and killing jobs.

(Media / Brilliant Anti-Common Core Speech by Dr. Duke Pesta)

https://www.fpeusa.org/ — Have you heard about Common Core? The chilling truth behind these new national educational "standards" will terrify you. Common Core represents the latest and most comprehensive step in the drive toward complete government control of our children's education.

To learn more and take action, go to the "Choose Freedom — STOP Common Core" action project page on JBS.org.

(Media / I. A New Way to Lower Healthcare Costs)

Part I. Bill Jasper of The New American interviews Dr. Keith Smith of Oklahoma Surgery Center.

Click here to view Part II. How Government Drives Up Healthcare Costs.

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