Con-Con Ploys

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Created by Larry Greenley
Created on 08 August 2014

The risks of holding a constitutional convention are immense! Do you trust any of today’s politicians to have a hand in rewriting the Constitution? Mr. Bradley discusses the latest ploys from conservative “allies” to bring on an Article V convention by exercising the nuclear option in Article V. (This video was recorded at the national Council Dinner of The John Birch Society, held in Jacksonville, Florida, May 3, 2014.

Scott Bradley is Founder and Chairman, The Constitution Commemoration Foundation, Inc.

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2-DVD set
Scott Bradley - "Con-Con Ploys" - 47 min.
Arthur R. Thompson - "The Changing Economy & the Federal Reserve" - 37 min.
John F. McManus - "Discovering the Reach of the CFR" - 40 min.
DVD total = 124 min.

Larry Pratt - "Defending and Preserving the Second Amendment" - 26 min.
Arthur R. Thompson - "The John Birch Society: Making a Difference" - 36 min.
DVD total = 63 min.
Constitutional expert Scott Bradley explains why state legislatures should not apply to Congress to call an Article V constitutional convention for the purpose of proposing a balanced budget amendment. (2014, 47 min., sleeved DVD)
2-DVD set
Scott Bradley - "Con-Con Ploys" - 35 min.
KrisAnne Hall - "The Roots of Liberty" - 59 min.
Dr. Duke Pesta - "Common Core: Dangers and Threats to American Liberty and Education" - 47 min.
DVD total = 141 min.

Rep. Ted Yoho - "Sovereignty, Trade and the Constitution" - 39 min.
Arthur R. Thompson - "You Can't Have it Both Ways" - 48 min.
DVD total = 87 min.
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