Ron Paul Endorses The John Birch Society

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Created by Alex
Created on 16 May 2012
Ron Paul Addresses John Birch Society Congressman Ron Paul endorses The John Birch Society http://www.r...
(Media / Who Owns Your Children? (The Dangers of Government as a Parent))
FreedomProject Education's Executive Director Alan Scholl discusses the change in direction, leadership, and intent of American Education. Mr. Scholl is curr...
(Media / Trailer for 'BLUE: the Oppressive Green Agenda')

What if the Green Movement is not saving the planet but enslaving humanity?

(Media / Excerpt from 'BLUE: The Oppressive Green Agenda')

Excerpt from DVD "Blue: The Oppressive Green Agenda."

Dr. Robert Zubrin talks about the Green Movement's true motivation: Power.

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