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Ted Cruz Interview on Government Shutdown

Cruz Explains His Defund ObamaCare Strategy

Wrap-up Regarding Levin's Dangerous Con-Con...

Tom DeWeese Discusses Agenda 21 on Fox News

Kirsten Lombard - Property Rights

More About Levin's Dangerous Con-Con Proposal

Mark Levin's Dangerous Con-Con Proposal

Sen. Lee Explains Defunding ObamaCare Strategy

Beware of Conservation Easements

Why Is Common Core Bad for Schooling?

How the NDAA Suspends Habeas Corpus

Why Amnesty Should Be Opposed

Tom Eddlem on the NSA

Lessons on the Importance of Constitutions

Problems with Common Core

Colin Gunn and Universal Healthcare

Why Take Your Children Out of Public Schools?

Ted Cruz's plan for defunding ObamaCare

New Initiative in Congress to Defund ObamaCare

IndoctriNation Trailer

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