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Bill O’Reilly Doubles Down on Thumping Conservatives

By:  Selwyn Duke
Bill O’Reilly Doubles Down on Thumping Conservatives

Traditionalists aren't losing the marriage battle because they lack reasoned arguments. It's because today's America lacks a reasonable media and a populace that is willing to yield to reason.

“As a dog that returneth to his vomit, so is the fool that repeateth his folly.” That’s Proverbs 26:11 for a certain popular cable-news host who just returned from a nice Caribbean vacation. And, no, I’m not Bible thumping. I’m O’Reilly thumping.

On Tuesday night’s edition of The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly devoted the first 20 minutes of the show — and another segment later on with Charles Krauthammer — to refuting what he characterized as unfair attacks on his recent positions. And most of that time was spent defending his claim that traditionalists haven’t mounted a compelling argument against faux marriage, that all they can do is “thump the Bible.”

And even though this accusation has brought O’Reilly great criticism, he didn’t back down but doubled down. He said that his commentary was just “honest analysis”; he also said his claim is vindicated because traditionalists are losing the marriage debate, and, opined he, this wouldn’t be happening if they were mounting the better arguments. Is this honest analysis? It is in the sense that O’Reilly believes it. But it isn’t true analysis.

O’Reilly first discussed the matter with Laura Ingraham, whom I like, but both she and later guest Charles Krauthammer completely missed the point. Ingraham simply said that O’Reilly shouldn’t have used the term “thump” and that pro-marriage forces haven’t had that long to ponder the marriage issue and construct arguments (?!), while Krauthammer very articulately exhibited a grasp of the obvious and said that you’re not going to win policy debates with secularists by quoting Scripture. But the real issue is that you’re not going to win debates with anyone if you ignore your best and brightest.

Moreover, it’s not just that there are compelling marriage arguments on the right.

It’s that the compelling arguments are found only on the right.

As I wrote some days ago, however, you don’t hear them because they’re never presented in academia, the media, or popular culture.

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