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Eight Simple Questions Expose Dangers of a Constitutional Convention

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Eight Simple Questions Expose Dangers of a Constitutional Convention

John Birch Society CEO Art Thompson suggests asking eight simple questions to expose the dangers of a constitutional convention.

Despite its recent setback in Arizona and several other states, the Compact for America organization continues spending millions of dollars to convince state legislators to call for a new constitutional convention. The convention, the Compact for America states, would be called for the sole purpose of considering and recommending to Congress a balanced budget amendment.

While there are many fundamental flaws with the balanced budget amendment promoted by the Compact for America, the most worrisome aspect of this movement is the fact that its plans are constitutionally and legally suspect.

The defects of the Compact for America have been exposed by The New American on several occasions. As part of our effort to educate citizens and lawmakers as to the dangers posed by the calling of a constitutional convention, this writer appears as witness at state legislatures testifying against the adoption of the Compact for America or similar measures calling for an Article V constitutional convention.

Last week, for example, I appeared as an expert witness at a committee hearing of the Indiana state senate. The chairman of that committee, Senator David Long, was the chief sponsor of a call for a constitutional convention in the Hoosier State.

As I pointed out during my testimony, there has never been an Article V convention, and the stakes are too high to risk exposing our Constitution and the freedoms it protects to the machinations of special interests with billion-dollar budgets.

Furthermore, the plain fact of the matter is that there are no legal guidelines that would govern the proceedings at such a convention. As The John Birch Society has recently explained:

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Photo: Art Thompson

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