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Ex-terrorist Bill Ayers: Obama Should Be Tried for War Crimes

By:  Michael Tennant
Ex-terrorist Bill Ayers: Obama Should Be Tried for War Crimes

Former Weather Underground terrorist and Obama pal Bill Ayers said President Obama should be tried for war crimes for his drone-strike program.

President Barack Obama should be tried for war crimes because of his policy of assassination-by-drone, former Weather Underground terrorist and Obama associate Bill Ayers (shown with his wife, fellow "Weatherman" Bernardine Dohrn) told RealClearPolitics (RCP).

In a “Morning Commute” interview with RCP’s Tom Bevan and Charlie Stone, Ayers said that he likes Obama because “he’s a curious person” who “asks questions” and “reads.”

“I like him personally,” he added. “I mean, he’s a really good guy.”

Despite his personal feelings toward the president, with whom he was closely associated during Obama’s years in Chicago, Ayers stated that on the whole, “I’d give him a failing grade” for his presidency. “But then,” he continued, “you’d have to compare that to the grades I gave all the other presidents in my lifetime,” all of which were F’s with “some F-minuses in there.”

Ayers, a self-described “small ‘c’ communist,” apparently believes that Obama is a failure as chief executive because he hasn’t been radical enough — not that Ayers is surprised by this.

“I don’t at all feel that Obama’s let anybody down,” he said. “All through the 2008 campaign he said consistently, ‘I am a middle-of-the-road, pragmatic politician.’”

“Obama’s not a radical,” he told the Daily Beast in April. “I wish he were, but he’s not.”

Many Americans would disagree with that assessment of the man of who has given us ObamaCare, trillion-dollar deficits, and the total surveillance state. But considering that those are largely expansions of previous policies promulgated by politicians of both parties — even ObamaCare was based on Republican notions, as witness Mitt Romney’s prototype law in Massachusetts and Newt Gingrich’s longtime defense of similar ideas — Ayers may have a point: Among the political class, Obama is considered more or less mainstream.

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