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Iran's Ayatollah Condemns Boston Bombings, Knocks Western "Contradictions"

By:  Jack Kenny
Iran's Ayatollah Condemns Boston Bombings, Knocks Western "Contradictions"

Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is one of the world leaders condemning the bombing attack at Monday's Boston Marathon.

President Obama has some company he might not want among world leaders condemning the bombing attack at Monday's Boston Marathon. Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (shown in photo) on Wednesday condemned the bombings that left three dead thus far and more than 170 injured, including 17 reported to be in critical condition. But Iran's top leader also chided the United States for killing innocent civilians in drone attacks in several Middle East countries. The ayatollah's remarks came during an address in Tehran to the nation's military leaders, the Associated Press reported.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran, which follows the logic of Islam, is opposed to any bombings and killings of innocent people no matter if it is in Boston, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria and condemns it," Khamenei said. But the Muslim cleric also criticized what he called the "contradictions" and "lack of logic" in Western civilization.

"What kind of logic is this that if children and women are killed by Americans in Afghanistan and Pakistan and by U.S.-backed terrorists in Iraq and Syria is not a problem, but if a bombing happens in the U.S. or another Western country, the whole world should pay the cost?" he asked in comments he also posted on his website. "Western civilization is on the verge of collapse and downfall because of contradictions, lack of logic, coercions and lack of care for human principles," he said.

The ayatollah's charge of a double standard is not likely to carry much weight in Washington or other Western capitals, however, where Iran is regarded as a key ally and financial supporter of organizations like Hamas and Hezzbollah that have carried out terrorist attacks in Israel, Palestine and other parts of the Middle East. Iran is also the main ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad, whose regime, like Iran's, is included on the U.S. State Department's list of state sponsors of terrorism. The United States has been indirectly supporting the rebel war against the Assad regime, while Iran has been supplying the Damascus government with weapons and other material support.

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Photo of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: AP Images

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