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South Carolina House of Reps. Expected to Pass ObamaCare Rejection

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
South Carolina House of Reps. Expected to Pass ObamaCare Rejection

The South Carolina state House of Representatives is poised to pass a bill rejecting the establishment of ObamaCare health insurance exchanges and penalizing state employees who participate in the federal healthcare act.

A bill rejecting the enforcement of key provisions of ObamaCare passed another hurdle in the South Carolina state House of Representatives last Thursday. The bill — HB 3101 — was approved by a party-line vote (65-34) and will now move to its third and final reading. Passage of the measure after that reading is described by local media as “perfunctory.”

This is good news for citizens of the Palmetto State — along with all their fellow citizens in other states — whose livelihoods are threatened by President Obama’s pet healthcare overhaul passed in 2010 and upheld last year by the Supreme Court.

Although passage of the bill by the South Carolina state legislature is laudable and is a positive move toward resisting the tyranny of the federal government, the bill as passed last week is markedly weaker than the bill as originally drafted.

For example, while the original bill was an outright nullification of ObamaCare, imposing criminal penalties on anyone who attempted to enforce its provisions within the sovereign borders of South Carolina, in its current iteration the bill voids only those parts of the ObamaCare act that the state deems “unconstitutional.”

Furthermore, rather than allowing state officials to hold anyone — including federal agents — accountable for participating in the application of the ObamaCare mandates to citizens of South Carolina, in its present form, the prohibitions apply only to state employees.

Section 1-7-180 of the bill — officially styled the South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act — does empower the state Attorney General to protect the state from any attempt to harm the state by enforcing ObamaCare. The section reads:

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Photo of South Carolina House of Representatives chamber in Columbia

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