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UN Approves Gun Grab; Civilian Disarmament in the Works

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
UN Approves Gun Grab; Civilian Disarmament in the Works

On Tuesday, April 2, the United States joined with 154 other countries in approving the UN's Arms Trade Treaty, which calls for registration and potentially confiscation of privately owned firearms.

By a vote of 155-3 (with 23 abstentions), the UN General Assembly adopted the treaty, overcoming last week’s failure to adopt the global gun control agreement by consensus.

As far as the U.S. decision to sign on to this treaty, that was made days ago.

While on assignment at the UN to cover the deliberations on the treaty held from March 18-28, this reporter was informed by members of the U.S. delegation that the United States was prepared to vote in favor of adopting the international gun control regulations, but the opportunity was denied them when Iran, Syria, and North Korea joined in opposing passage of the treaty at the conference.

Undaunted, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry ordered U.S. negotiators to green light the Arms Trade Treaty which, as we have chronicled, is the latest UN attempt to make an end run around the Constitution and subvert American sovereignty to the internationalist body.

In fact, the failure of the conference to adopt the treaty and its subsequent transfer to the General Assembly serves the dual purpose of getting the treaty approved and portraying the General Assembly as the de facto (if not soon de jure) legislative body for the world.

Participating in that act alone (voting for passage of the treaty at the General Assembly) is a constitutional violation on the part of the Obama administration, as Article I of the Constitution grants Congress “all legislative power.” No branch of the federal government has the right to cede that authority to any body — especially one composed of international bureaucrats of whom none is elected by or accountable to the people of the United States.

Regardless, the Obama administration praised the passage of the Arms Trade Treaty and is determined to see it enforced in the United States.

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Photo of UN General Assembly hall in New York

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