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Woman Sues Over Botched Abortion, But Celebrates Healthy Baby

By:  Raven Clabough
Woman Sues Over Botched Abortion, But Celebrates Healthy Baby

A woman is suing an abortion clinic after the clinic performed an unsuccessful abortion and she subsequently gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

An Ohio woman is suing an abortion clinic for not successfully performing an abortion on her, claiming that she pursued the abortion after her doctor told her that her life was being endangered by the pregnancy and then realized she was still pregnant a week after the procedure and subsequently gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The clinic is denying that the doctors were negligent.

Fox News reports, “The Akron Women’s Medical Group and two doctors acknowledge [Ariel] Knights, of Cuyahoga Falls, sought an abortion March 3, 2012. However, they deny any negligence and seek to have the case dismissed, citing a long list of possible defenses.”

One week after the procedure, Knights learned that she was still pregnant, and several months later, Knights gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

But the clinic's doctors are denying that they were negligent, despite the failed procedure.

“I believe my client absolutely met the standard of care and that this case has no basis to be in litigation,” said attorney D. Cheryl Atwell, who represents the medical group and the doctors.

The lawyers are still in the process of exchanging medical records, prohibiting Atwell from commenting further.

Knights gave birth to her baby on September 20, and on March 4 of this year, Knights, 22, filed a malpractice lawsuit. Knights contends she pursued the abortion because she has a medical condition called uterine didelphys, which means she has a double uterus with individual cervices. Her doctor told her that her pregnancy could threaten her life because the fetus was being carried in the unstable uterus.

Knights learned of her condition during the pregnancy of her first child, but she was able to carry that baby to term because he was being carried in the left uterus, which is the stronger one.

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