Article VI Not V


The Founders' Solution to Out-of-Control Government: Article VI, Not V

America's Founders fought a war for independence from out-of-control Big Government. Then they created a new government limited to its proper role of protecting the God-given rights of the people. The Constitution is a set of rules that governs the government, not the people. It allows We the People to rule our government. But it's impossible to enforce the rules when we don't know them.

We're asking local, state, and federal elected officials across the country: In about one minute, please tell us why you support constitutional enforcement over a constitutional convention. See their videos...



  • Constitution, laws made in pursuance thereof are supreme
  • Constitutional oath taken by all public servants
  • Duty to reject and oppose all constitutional violations

America's Founders said constitutional violations should be met with constitutional enforcement – local, state, and federal officials who swear an oath to the Constitution have a duty to protect our rights by opposing violations. Enforcement would stop the socialist agenda and limit government to 20% its size and cost. This would dramatically reduce taxes, corruption, and abuses of power and enable a new American renaissance, setting an example for the world.


  • Constitutional amendment process
  • Correct errors in Constitution
  • Abolish or replace Constitution

Advocates of an Article V constitutional convention (Con-Con) complain about problems that can all be solved by constitutional enforcement (the Article VI solution). Yet they ignore enforcement and insist on a Con-Con that could rewrite our Constitution and destroy its protection of our rights, ending the American experiment in liberty that has resulted in a greater amount of freedom and prosperity for a greater number of people than any system ever devised by man.