Nullification: the VI Solution

Nullification is the Article VI solution! Watch the 3-minute video, “Article VI Not V Is the Solution,” to learn how nullification can be used to rein in our out-of-control government.

Nullification is where the states refuse to implement unconstitutional laws. Founding Father James Madison generally supported nullification throughout his life, except in cases of misuse of the nullification process, such as occurred before the Civil War when South Carolina’s leaders mistakenly thought they could nullify a federal tariff, which had resulted from a constitutional act of Congress.

Nullification vs. Con-Con

This 4-minute video, “Nullification vs. Constitutional Convention,” provides a side-by-side comparison of the Article VI solution (constitutional enforcement and nullification) and the Article V solution (changing the Constitution by convention).

With nullification the Constitution is left intact as individual states refuse to implement or enforce unconstitutional laws within their states. While with a constitutional convention delegates from all states are brought together to consider making changes in the Constitution that will apply to the entire nation. While nullification upholds, preserves, and enforces the Constitution, an Article V convention poses a high risk of extensively revising or possibly completely rewriting the Constitution.

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For far too long, Big Government has operated outside of the limitations of the Constitution. As with any rule book, the limitations are only as good as those that are enforced. The Founding Fathers knew this and brilliantly included provisions in Article VI that we can use to rein in an out-of-control federal government.

Watch this video, “Rein In Big Government With Article VI, Not V,” as constitutional scholar Robert Brown explains how the Article VI solution is much better than an Article V Convention (aka a Convention of States or a Constitutional Convention). Also, consider educating yourself and your chapter with The Constitution is the Solution Lecture Series.

VI Not V: Continued

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