Julie Smith

Executive Assistant

Julie’s affiliation with The John Birch Society started in July of 1996, when she applied for a position at the Headquarters office in Appleton, WI. She was impressed with the passion that her interviewers had for the mission of the organization.

Always a conservative, Julie began to learn very quickly about the perils facing our Republic – mostly through the abuses of our own federal government! After four years of study on the conspiracy, Julie became the first member of the new millennium, becoming a member of the Society on January 2, 2000. Julie has been working closely with CEO Arthur R. Thompson as his Executive Assistant, ever since Mr. Thompson was appointed to that position by the JBS Board of Directors in October of 2005. Before taking on that assignment, she worked in the Membership department, served as the Director of Field Support, and also ran the Speakers Bureau.

Executive Committee Dinner