Stop a Constitutional Convention

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Stop a Constitutional Convention


Life, Liberty, Property, Freedom of Religion, and the Right to Bear Arms are only a few of the rights and freedoms that have been secured for us for over two centuries by the Constitution. What we're warning about on this page is the possible rewriting of the U.S. Constitution at an Article V convention called by Congress in response to applications from 34 or more states. Such a convention (also known as a constitutional convention, a Con-Con, or a convention of the states) would have the inherent power to rewrite the Constitution, which could mean the end of over two centuries of security for our rights and freedoms as Americans. We're only six states away from the required applications by 34 states to force Congress to call an Article V constitutional convention for the supposed purpose of proposing a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA).


Action Overview

  • Click here to view a BBA Article V Convention Status map to see whether your state has applied to Congress yet or not. Then, click here if your state is one of the 22 (shown in green) without “live” applications for a BBA Article V convention. And, click here if your state is one of the 28 (shown in orange) that already have such applications. You’ll be taken to the appropriate Legislative Action Alerts.
  • A secondary priority is to stop all non-BBA types of Article V convention applications, such as Convention of States, Wolf-PAC, etc., in all states. Click here for the appropriate Legislative Action Alert.
  • For a quick orientation on this action project, view the videos A Crash Course on a Constitutional Convention (7 minutes) and What Will Balance the Budget (8 minutes).
  • For an in-depth understanding of this action project (including a thorough debunking of the false marketing claims of Article V convention proponents), view the video Change It or Obey It? Why the Constitution Is the Solution (2017 version; 63 minutes).
  • If you would like to help preserve your rights as secured by the Constitution by working on our Stop a Constitutional Convention project in your state, click here, scroll down to “Act Locally,” fill in your ZIP code, and click on “Search.” You’ll be furnished with contact information for our Field Coordinator for your state.


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